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is the world getting safer?

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My productivity app for the past 12 years has been a single .txt file

  • My current file was created almost 7 years ago when I started my current job. It serves as a research notebook, and as meeting minutes. I have 37,773 handwritten lines in one file now, documenting everything I have done as a professor, and nearly every person I have met with, along with notes about what we discussed or ideas I had. Here's what my list looks like at the end of the day, representing work accomplished.

Onward, Robot Soldiers?

  • With autonomous vehicles (AVs), the default discussion pushed by their promoters is that human-driven cars are unnecessarily dangerous and AVs are a path to safety with great social benefits. This can be true about AVs while their largely ignored rise in systemic risk can also be true.

Is the World Getting Safer? 

  • “Indeed, we’ve become safer in just about every way. Over the last century, we’ve become 96 percent less likely to be killed in a car crash… 89 percent less likely to be killed by an act of God, such as a drought, flood, wildfire, storm, volcano, landslide, earthquake or meteor strike, presumably not because God has become less angry with us but because of improvements in the resilience of our infrastructure….

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I've recently reintroduced Binaural Beats into my workflow. They lock me in. Here's a research paper “The impact of binaural beats on creativity”.

I suggest you pay attention, as this is not a magic tool for cognitive enhancement.

Here's the app I use (iOS). 

Here's RainyMood (for diversity).

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The current cost of a 3-pack of condoms in Venezuela; the local monthly minimum wage is $1.50. Birth control pills cost about $11 a month, while an IUD often costs more than $40.
The skyrocketing cost of birth control, paired with the ongoing economic crisis in the country, has resulted in a slew of problems for women who often can barely afford to feed the children they have, but who nonetheless have few practical options to prevent future pregnancies.
—The New York Times

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/// Should we be paying for news?

In its bid for TikTok, Oracle was supposed to prevent data from being passed to Chinese police. Instead, it’s been marketing its own software for their surveillance work.

Underline: track your reading time, journal your emotions and save exciting book ideas 

Keysmith: makes it easy to create macros for your Mac and the web

The Simple Power of One Day /// Enough molehills is all you need to have a mountain.

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