Apple’s interview questions database

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  1. Black Hole Explorer: a simulation based on the real physics behind Black Holes. Fly around, explore, and lose track of spacetime.

  2. Apple’s interview questions database.

  3. Drive & Listen - you can pretty much use this to drive around specific cities around the world, you also have local radio input which is kinda nice as well. The desktop experience is quite nice.

  4. A Teenager's Guide to Avoiding Actual Work
    The idea of there being these ‘nerdy computer whiz kids’ was out there - but not common thing, and I was unlike most people I think he dealt with on a daily basis.

  5. The tools and tech I use to run a one-woman hardware company

  6. iA/Writer: No rulers, no formatting bars. iA Writer provides the crisp, uncluttered environment you need to write well, supported by discrete, powerful features, from Content Blocks, to Syntax Highlighting.

  7. The return of fancy tools
    Fancy tools aren’t bad. Professional authors use Microsoft Word and they have the absolute courage, the phenomenal self-control, to never fiddle with fonts. I, however, don’t. Give me iA Writer to save me from myself.

  8. Create single-line SVG illustrations from your pictures.

  9. Soviet Brutalist Architecture Photographed by Frederic Chaubin

  10. The Body’s Most Embarrassing Organ (Anus) Is an Evolutionary Marvel
    And yet we have very little idea where anuses come from.

  11. 50 billion birds live on Earth, new study finds
    According to the estimation, there are at least six times more birds on the planet than people. The most common species are house sparrows and European starlings.

  12. Atomic gardening is a form of mutation breeding where plants are exposed to radioactive sources, typically cobalt-60, in order to generate mutations, some of which have turned out to be useful.

  13. 50 Tips to Improve User Interface (PDF)

  14. Dorodango: The Japanese Art of Making Mud Balls (video)

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