Does the internet matter?

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  1. I’ve been listening to David Deutsch on Multiple Worlds and Our Place in Them (Ep. 124) + the defining human attribute visible from galaxies far, far away.

  2. Here's a tiny but quite nice Chrome extension for your Google Calendar. Vladimir Yankovich launched this on Product Hunt this week. Quite useful for easy calendar access.

  3. Procedural melody generator became the number one result for the Google search "melody generator".

  4. How To Not Fail At Life (HTNFAL) - oldie goldie visual

  5. In "Why Stress Is Bad for Your Brain" Sapolsky points out to the effects that prolonged stress can have on the brain: "If you turn your stress response on for too long you get sick."

  6. Steven Sinofsky on Microsoft's 'Does the Internet matter?' in April 1994. 

  7. “The complete sequence of a human genome”, Nurk et al 2021 (media)

  8. Partial recovery of visual function in a blind patient after optogenetic therapy.

  9. An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding.

  10. Always be quitting.

  11. Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft form group to standardize browser plug-ins.

  12. novelWriter is an open source plain text editor designed for writing novels

  13. Computers were supposed to be a bicycle for the mind. How Apple Could Help Us Reclaim Our Attention.

  14. Scientists develop ‘cheap and easy’ method to extract lithium from seawater.

  15. Medium sees more employee exits after CEO publishes ‘culture memo’.

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