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  1. "What are the most important statistical ideas of the past 50 years?" by Andrew Gelman and Aki Vehtari.

    We argue that the most important statistical ideas of the past half century are: counterfactual causal inference, bootstrapping and simulation-based inference, overparameterized models and regularization, multilevel models, generic computation algorithms, adaptive decision analysis, robust inference, and exploratory data analysis. We discuss common features of these ideas, how they relate to modern computing and big data […]

  2. I’ve been watching Sweet Nothing. You can check Aella's blog on This one got my attention - The Enlightenment Interviews

    My goal is not to provide a correct definition of enlightenment, it’s to help map out the landscape of the kinds of experiences people are talking about, and maybe provide some more concrete terms for what’s going on.

  3. This is (not) a machine
    Why the machine metaphor has failed in biology and software and the concepts that are replacing it.

    Processes, flows, and causal uncertainty are the underlying principles emerging from these frameworks and, importantly, they stand at odds with one of the main tools of thought that we have used for centuries now: the machine metaphor. From black holes as computers to cells as biochemical circuitry to brains as cell networks, machine metaphors have been used to describe and dissect basically everything. It is a tantalizing idea: since our design principles of machine modularity, specialization, and composability are powerful, easily parsed, and understood, why shouldn’t everything work this way? Why wouldn’t we be able to understand and engineer basically anything by reducing it to its functional parts? 

  4. Study finds that regulatory protein prevents signaling that triggers cell death.

  5. LG is out of the phone business

    LG’s strategic decision to exit the incredibly competitive mobile phone sector will enable the company to focus resources in growth areas such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions, as well as platforms and services.

  6. Facebook published a huge, fully permissioned database of human faces, with lots of work to weight correctly for human diversity. A resource for machine learning. Link via Benedict Evans

  7. High-quality audio makes you sound smarter

    People rated a physicist’s talk as 19.3% better when they listened to it in high (vs low) audio quality. They also thought he was smarter and liked him more.

  8. Oldie but goldie (2006): How to Convince Your Shrink You Have ADD/ADHD. Not full aware if that’s still the case.

    The beauty of ADD lies in the fact that there is no standardized clinical test to diagnose the disorder. No one knows what causes it. The only thing the medical professionals know is that amphetamine delivered in small continuous doses relieves most of ADD’s symptoms. So the trick is to convince your shrink that you have ADD. And what’s nice is that anyone can fool the system, as long as they know what to say and how to act. It’s all very simple, really, all it takes is a bit of memorization.

  9. There's a global chip shortage. And it hit Apple. US tech giant's headaches suggest even worse chip shortages lie ahead. We are also 6 months away from the next iPhone launch?

  10. What technology is going to replace PDF?

    “Well done, Adobe! You have a long-lasting monopoly!”

    PDF is also the central interchange document format for the entire publishing industry: all books, magazines and brochures that become paper are all transferred to the printing press using PDF. This is an area that most people do not know exists.

    So changing with just these installed bases alone makes a replacement very unlikely. “Well done, Adobe! You have a long-lasting monopoly!” :-) What will likely occur is new versions of PDF that do new things.

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