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  1. 80,000 Hours: Jobs tackling the world’s most pressing problems
    80,000 Hours is a non-profit that helps people pursue careers that effectively tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems. This page offers advice on how to use the board as part of your job search and explains how we decide which opportunities to feature. Even though you do not intend to apply, it can be nice to scan through the requirements. Here’s one for the Centre for Effective Altruism, Oxford, UK.

  2. Learning to summarize from human feedback

  3. Knowledge distillation: A good teacher is patient and consistent

  4. Using DNA to predict intelligence. In 10 years, the ability to predict intelligence from DNA has gone from 0% to 10%. Genome-wide polygenic scores (GPS) are transforming research on intelligence. GPS will transport intelligence to many new areas of science. The availability of GPS at birth, prenatally, and before conception will impact society. We need to maximize benefits and minimize risks of DNA prediction of intelligence.

  5. Are We Consuming Too Much? a paper by a group of economists and ecologists, including the Nobel laureate Kenneth Arrow.

  6. WTF is Quadratic Funding?

  7. Apple's WWDC.

  8. Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer with two cameras, heart rate monitor.

  9. Microsoft is building its own streaming devices as part of a major Xbox Game Pass expansion.

  10. Andreessen Horowitz surveyed 226 CEOs asking their plans and expectations for remote work and the return to the office.

  11. Rapid Sequencing-Based Diagnosis of Thiamine Metabolism Dysfunction Syndrome. Essentially using DNA sequencing to diagnose a genetic disorder in a baby in something like 13 hours.

  12. Google page experience update now slowly rolling out.

  13. Boring avatars

  14. Are the Mountains Killing Your Brain?

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“Customers buy harmful products on the basis of recommender systems.”

“Identify and train your replacement.”

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This past week, I've been testing a new tool called 📒
This is a 2-hour session where I am exploring this project. I am also taking notes during the process. Shelf is a tool that allows you to save, organize and annotate books, online courses, tweets, podcasts, and much more.

My goal was to figure out if this can be a suitable replacement for my trusty Notion Web Clipper or even Evernote Web Clipper.

I am allowing myself time to explore. I've been 'watching’ a lot of study with me streams lately. Quite a nice, interesting concept. There's more to it than meets the eye! Remember, simplification is hard, even though the end product seems easy to create/replicate.

I'm trying to do the same here. A lot of components. The lightning, the camera angle, the screen, the aesthetics. I'm still learning. Hopefully, you are going to see more of this.

My screen is not relevant for now. I've been simply experimenting with this type of content. It can be hard to simplify. Enjoy some LoFi Hip-Hope Mellow beats along with some study with me type of vibes, although I am not studying in the traditional sense. But what is studying anyway? I am also learning and trying to refine my sense of aesthetics. Enjoy!

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A side project of mine. Oversimplification.

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