The effectiveness of just showing up every day

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  1. Exciting new tools for designers, July 2021

  2. Meet One of the Best Drone Pilots in the World

  3. Instagram Has Become SkyMall. The ads are a nonstop slurry of surreal products, and I love it.

  4. For people staring at computer monitors.

  5. The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up everyday.

  6. Concern trolls and power grabs: Inside Big Tech’s angry, geeky, often petty war for your privacy

  7. Science Is Getting Less Bang for Its Buck?

  8. Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

  9. How I raised a $11M seed as a first-time, female, solo founder for a biotech moonshot by Celine Halioua

  10. Here are some notes I took out of Lex Fridman's Podcast - Michael Malice: Totalitarianism and Anarchy | #200

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Visual Theory, my tiny little project has been evolving lately.

I even created a site for it.

Check it out

As I'm consuming various materials daily, I asked myself a question: how would I translate [insert topic here] into a visual?

So I started collecting some materials for some of the topics I was into these past few weeks, morphed them into a standalone page on my site, and then created a visual for each. The materials I am gathering there will be constantly evolving (I hope) and the nature of the page will possibly change.

Some intro topics:

- The Productivity Equation
- Mental Frameworks
- Talent VS. Genius
- Infinity
- Zorro's Circles of Focus

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