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  1. Japonology - Tokyo Housing (video)
    I started putting myself up to speed with Japanese architecture. What makes their suburbs so clean? Their classrooms? (cleaning is part of their curriculum) What role does culture play? Why don't they have bins on the streets? 

  2. I also went ahead and peeked at what China is doing but fell down the wrong rabbit hole and ended up watching a video called Studying 24 Hours With The World's Smartest Students, as Chinese high school students rank 1st in the world for reading, math, and science.

  3. I've been looking into breakless bicycle riding using a fixed-gear system. Apparently, this provides a better way to connect with your bike, as you have full control over what's happening. Here's a video of a bike messenger riding fast and fluid through NYC traffic. Here’s one from Mexico City as well.

  4. Ever wondered why India is poor? Here's a report sent to me by an anonymous member of the community. Different hypotheses are being tackled, such as overpopulation, the fact that they are running out of resources, lack of education, colonial exploitation, chaotic democracy, culture, lack of institutions and policies.

  5. Someone sent me this seemingly interesting piece outlining that the procedure of neutering can boost a cat's longevity.
    Check it here Longevity and Mortality of Cats in England
    A kind reminder that throughout history, castration often served a specific social function.

  6. Sometimes, I have the feeling that a single monitor can make me more productive. The fact that I can have another space up and running, clean, and at my disposal, can be a distraction. At least for me. I do have to think: how do I fill up that empty space? Most of the time, I do have music running and an open tab with a clean slate up thanks to this fancy-schmancy addon. But, yes. I can say that having dual (not ultra-wide) monitors gives me a huge boost. Self-adjusting and course-correcting my workflow and the way I do things need to be prioritized.
    Here's a pice condensing some of the research on the matter Number and size of computer monitors and productivity: a review

  7. There’s a browser extension I discovered called Push to Kindle.

  8. Electronic Lottery Tickets as Micropayments published by Ronald L. Rivest in 1997. In this paper, Rivest explores the idea of using lottery tickets as currency. The main idea is that instead of making a payment of 1 cent by having a bank wire 1 cent to an account you can issue a $1 lottery ticket that has a 1/100 chance of winning. This paper explores how you could build a payment system around this insight. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, this 20-year-old paper becomes even more interesting and fun to read.

  9. Nvidia acquires hi-def mapping startup DeepMap to bolster AV technology. We will soon have access to high-definition maps, with real 3D models of the streets. This can give a cool boost in the self-driving cars industry, with autonomous cars’ parking accuracy increasing.

  10. Creating the Future of Work (by Steven Sinofsky, former head of Windows) — talks about the remote + software combo that can/will change the nature of work.

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