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their OCD is cured

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Bitcoin & Tesla 🦾

A few months ago, Elon Musk pumped the BTC price by announcing that Tesla will start accepting BTC as payment.

He now "realized" that mining needs a lot of energy (fossil fuels), which goes against what Tesla's all about. All I can say is gahahha?

Earth’s rotation in a circular tube 🩸

In 1913, the Nobel laureate physicist Arthur Compton, 21 at the time, proposed an alternative experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth using a circular tube filled with water. Paper via Fermat’s Library.

Micro-actions 👾

See how one clever French artist is transforming the cracked pavements in his home city of Lyon and beyond. Take Annette LeMay Burke’s uncanny photographic tour of the disguised cellphone towers of the American West. Experience Reuben Wu’s electric landscape art. Geek out on a year in typographic excellence.

Their OCD is cured

I’ve been skimming a paper called Long-Term Electrical Capsular Stimulation in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
It seems that the individual starts feeling erotic sensations and becomes addicted to activating the electrodes. This can also cure OCD.

Apple Ads 💭

Apple makes more money with games than the entire global digital music industry. It looks like they are now looking at advertising. Can they change ads?

Reimagining video infrastructure to empower YouTube 📹

I was reading that Google is making its own chips. The goal? YouTube video encoding optimization.

What Is an Entertainment Company in 2021 and Why Does the Answer Matter? 🍍

And after years of dodging the question “is Netflix a tech or media company?”, Netflix founder and Co-CEO Reed Hastings recently declared, “we’re really an entertainment company”. So, what is that, why does it matter, and what’s the takeaway?
At its core, an entertainment business does only three things:

  1. Create/tell stories

  2. Build love for those stories

  3. Monetize that love

A good way to learn about this is through Disney.

Eating the same meal every day 🍽️

For some people, food is not that interesting. It simply acts like fuel. Most of the time, I view it the same way but also do enjoy an occasional zag to my zig.

Here's a piece featuring a senior citizen who has been eating the same supper for 10 years.

The supper includes:

I have two pieces of fish, an onion, an egg, baked beans, and biscuits. Being a farmer means every day is the same.


Someone sent me a potential read: The Systems Bible: The Beginner's Guide to Systems Large and Small. Added this to my books I would like to read one day log. It might go hand in hand with The Organized Mind and Systems Mindset in my book repository. I also have a video summary for The Organized Mind on YouTube.

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👽 My latest YouTube video

A few thoughts on how I capture and generate new ideas. I am using tools such as Apple Notes, YouTube playlists, personalized WhatsApp groups and I am combining these with a few mental frameworks that help me pay attention to my surroundings so that I can quickly capture random ideas spontaneously, but also follow up on these ideas, enhance them and create something fresh.

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