The World's Most Efficient Languages

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  1. Window 11 is up. Here’s a review by Mental Outlaw: Windows 11 - Microsoft's Latest Dumpster Fire.

  2. NEET

  3. The World's Most Efficient Languages

  4. How people decide what they want to know (PDF)
    An important research challenge is to determine how people decide to seek or avoid information.

  5. Accelerationism

  6. Sleeping In: A Short History on Sleep before the Industrial Revolution
    Ok, this is a warm reminder that there's no transhistorical link supporting a regular bedtime. Time-tracking became relevant when people finally understood how essential seasons are for agriculture.

  7. Better All the Time
    How the “performance revolution” came to athletics—and beyond.

  8. Brave search
    For users concerned with privacy, search has historically been a challenging area; every major search engine algorithm is validated by user tracking. Challenging that status quo is Brave Search, an offshoot of the privacy-focussed Brave web browser. Now in beta, you can use Brave Search in the Brave browser or online at

  9.  Herman from Bear Blog just finished implementing syntax highlighting on Bear Blog. It's live! This makes reading code more pleasant and has been the most requested feature. Bear is 100% free, open-source, and awesome. You can support the development here.

    This is yet a kind reminder on how fast ( 2 min.) one can create a blog/newsletter.

  10. Smart-watch-programmed green-light-operated percutaneous control of therapeutic transgenes

    Programming cellular behavior using trigger-inducible gene switches is a central goal in synthetic biology-inspired approaches to deliver controlled dosages of therapeutic agents on demand, as well as to program the behavior of engineered cells in future cell-based therapies

    We show that Apple-Watch-programmed percutaneous remote control of implanted Glow-controlled engineered human cells can effectively treat experimental type-2 diabetes by producing and releasing human glucagon-like peptide-1 on demand. Directly interfacing wearable smart electronic devices with therapeutic gene expression will advance next-generation personalized therapies by linking biopharmaceutical interventions to the internet of things.

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